Hey there 🌱

Well, here am I. A 25-year-old girl. A linguist and a future psychologist. I've been teaching English and German for 5 years and I've grown along with my students as both a teacher and a learner. Both occupations are my hobbies as well as writing, drawing, photography and language learning. As for psychology, I'm studying emotional imaginary approach and was in gestalt therapy before. But here I'm not as a teacher or a psychologist, my role is a learner who wants to share their journey into improvement and self-healing with everybody who is eager to follow.

And here is my place. Chill and cosy. It's a safe place where I will share my thoughts and ideas, my ups and downs, my warmth and peacefulness. I've always wanted to create a place for safe and healthy growth, so i started with myself and moved to the external world.

Once one of my teachers said that having grown in an unhealthy environment, one needs warm people around to heal and grow and i absolutely support this idea. Although one may have destructive patterns of behaviour, an unhealthy attachement style or broken boundaries, they still have a chance to change for the better. I follow such principles as acceptance, love, equality and patience. If not given in a family, these ones can be learned in adulthood. So, let's start our journey and move forward together, at your own pace.